Payment compliance training

  • Finance Department training
    • We offer training to Finance and treasury departments mainly because they have the relationship with the Acquiring Banks and often hold the relationship in relation to ordering Merchant IDs
    • As merchant IDs are Bank accounts, it is essential that your finance Department fully understand what merchant IDs each business unit owns and what payment channels are associated with them


  • Sales/Marketing training
    • We offer training to sales and marketing Department because they are the ones that often attract new contracts for your organisation or sell your goods and services
    • Clients will often ask whether your product is PCI compliant and if so how, this question can often make the difference between winning or losing a contract


  • IT training
    • We offer training to your IT team because they manage your systems and networks.


  • Onsite training
    • We offer half day onsite training and can be tailored to fit your business operations

Training Overview

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