PCI fraud management

Fraudulent abuse of payment terminals

  • We make your payment terminals and systems to establish approved processes in order to determine anomalies and potential abuses
  • We set up monitoring to detect anomalies and report to the right entities
  • Both internal and external abuses of payment terminals can detected and reported giving you the opportunity to curb the abuse at an early stage
  • Refunds
    • Refunds are well known means of defrauding a merchant and as a result it is one of the areas that we focus on by initially set up a robust framework from refund across your organisation and follow it up with an ability to detect abuse of the refund process.
    • By building in anti-fraud measures, your organisation is able to limit the amount of abuse and wastage that you experience
  • Cashback
    • Often referred to as ‘friendly fraud’, there are a series of processes that need to be in place to prevent the abusive chargebacks and we can assist you on both the operational and legal structures needed to prevent cashback fraud
  • Asset abuse
    • Your payment assets take card payment and often out in the public or in areas where you have operational control of them as a result have robust measures in place to detect and report the abusive use of your payment assets.
    • The process includes helping your determine what is permissible or what is not and as a result report the anomalies to your appropriate team

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