Managing Merchant ID

  • We manage all your merchant IDs from your various Acquiring Banks
    • The merchant ID is the start of every PCI Compliance issues and any compliance that starts after the merchant ID has been created is already too late
    • Our Technical Design Authorities will help your organisation to become PCI compliant and maintain the compliance
    • We start our merchant ID module from the initiation conception of a merchant ID and manage the entire process up till the point that the merchant ID is deactivated
    • We introduce merchant ID change management process that enables the request for merchant ID to allow the appropriate risk assessment to take place and for non compliance risks to be addressed prior to a merchant ID going live


  • We put change management procedures in place to ensure all Merchant IDs are approved for compliance
    • The biggest threat to your compliance are the changes that occur to your estate and in order to ensure the changes do not have an adverse effect on your compliance we capture all change requests to your estate and ensure implement a compliance strategy to ensures your continued compliance

Merchant ID anatomy

Merchant ID overview

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