Managing PCI compliance

Managing your end to end PCI Compliance

  • We take organisations from wherever they are to achieve & maintain PCI Compliance
    • We are the organisation that comes in to make your organisation PCI compliant
    • Our Technical Design Authorities will help your organisation to become PCI compliant and maintain the compliance
    • We take your organisation as we find it and implement the least disruptive solution to make you PCI compliant
    • We offer a managed service that allows you to run your compliance in a sustainable manner


  • We design your Payment architecture to achieve PCI compliance in 12 months
    • Our projects take approximately 12 months and will take your organisation through to PCI compliance
    • We create PCI BAU framework allowing your compliance to be 100% embedded within your normal operations
    • We produce the PCI DSS controls required for your annual audit


  • We manage your PCI DSS, PA DSS and P2PE compliance requirements
    • Cover PCI DSS for your environment as well as Payment applications under PA DSS and P2PE applications

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