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Ben Oguntala

About Ben Omoakin Oguntala

  • Ben Omoakin Oguntala, LL.M Banking & Finance Laws
  • Technical Design Authority |PCI Compliance Programme Manager
  • Over 17 years Payment compliance and solution delivery
  • I have made PCI Level 1 merchants PCI compliant with a 60% CAPEX reduction and 70% OPEX reduction and simplified their PCI Compliance framework.

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Our solution is the first QSA approved method

Payments and co is a cloud based Payment solutions provider. We specialize in assisting clients to address a variety of concerns that have been creating problems for them in the past.

One of the toughest question in PCI compliance lifecycle is, will our PCI compliance stand up to the scrutiny of the external assessment of QSA?

There are many unscrupulous QSAs out there, prepared to take your money knowing fully, if a breach ever occurs, they would disclaim any knowledge. Many QSAs are happy to sign your SAQ or AOC without assuring themselves of how secure your payment channels are. Our approach is significantly different, we have designed a solution that designs each of your payment channels not only be PCI Compliant but also designed to reduce the likelihood of a breach occurring.

If your QSA cannot unequivocally state that the assurance they gave you will definitely reduce the likelihood of a breach occurring on your payment channel, then you need to consider our service.

Our solution is the first QSA approved method of drastically reducing a merchant’s likelihood of breach occurring and radically reducing the cost of PCI achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.

It is the first, QSA approved, to go beyond the simple checkbox exercise of ‘PCI Compliance’ and architecturally structure each of your payment channels to reduce to the likelihood of a breach occurring as well as streamline your end to end PCI compliance in order to enable to achieve and maintain your PCI compliance.


Our QSA has approved of PCI Compliance strategy and this is crucial differentiator in the market as it allows us to apply that compliance strategy to your organisation and as a result gives the QSA assurance about how your business manages PCI compliance and what to expect. This cuts down costs and time as well as gives you the assurance that your PCI Compliance certificate or Attestation of Compliance is more than just a paperwork but an operational assertion of fact that you have reduced your likelihood of a breach by design of each of your payment channels.

Our QSA has pre-approved our approach and methodology, this means if you follow any of our prescribed approach the results will be the following:

  • Reduce your cost of PCI Compliance by up 50% (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Reduce each of your payment channels to the minimum requirements
  • Define your PCI compliance strategy
  • Map your PCI estate from Acquiring Bank releasing your merchant ID to PCI Compliance report
  • Reduce or simplify the amount of PCI controls you are required to produce for your compliance
  • Make each of payment channels secure thereby reducing the likelihood of a breach occurring

  • Document all the elements of your PCI estate
  • Define all your PCI Assets and the relevant compliance security and control requirements
  • Automate and streamline your PCI compliance requirement
  • Manage all changes to your PCI estate via PCI change management framework
  • Maintain a complete system of record for your entire PCI estate
  • Track all your PCI compliance obligation and ensure compliance.