Why I am excited about worldpay Inc – Ben Oguntala – Paymentsandco.com

Why I am excited about worldpay Inc – Ben Oguntala – Paymentsandco.com


In the payments industry, silos and monopolies hinder competition and lack of competition means lack of fast paced healthy development, which ultimately results in a detriment to services for the consumers.

As a Technical Design Authority, I help clients to achieve compliance, security and card payment revenue, I can only do this with the right quality of suppliers from Acquiring Banks to PED suppliers and this where Worldpay Inc will shine the most.

Ben Oguntala

Ben Oguntala, PCI DSS Technical Design Authority

Best-in-class payments and value-add solutions across any mode of commerce that are future proof for you and your cardholders. Vantiv can help you see both sides of the same card and improve the state of your non-interest Income across your entire Financial Institution.

By offering your customers more ways to pay, quick and with more confidence. Our team has over 30 years experience and we process over 10,000 transactions per minute, proudly making us the UK leading payment processor.

Their combined capability gives us a plethora of option to serve merchants and their payment needs.

Our promise to clients is that we can help them reduce the cost of the PCI compliance and sustain their compliance for 5 years, we can only achieve this with a range of tools at our disposal and that is where Worldpay Inc gives us that competitive advantage.


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