Click and Collect solution from Payments and Co

Click and Collect solution from Payments and Co

Click Collect

In a busy corporate environment or multi tenanted building, it is clear that demand
for services will always be concentrated around the same time for most people.

This means that queues build up and after a certain period of time customer
experience becomes so bad that clients lose their patients and go to find alternative
services. This is obviously very bad for service providers as each client that walks out
is both a revenue loss that day as well as the potential loss of future repeat revenue
and loyalty if they never return, all of which the service provider can do without. has developed a customisable click and collect service that can
be used to address the issue of congestion and has included room booking services
which will allow business to book rooms and include catering services.

It is a queuebusting solution that can be customised to fit into your business units and
seamlessly integrates with your existing operation allowing you to extend your
services to your potential clients.



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